Travis began his dance career while studying classical guitar at the University of Ottawa in 2005. He quickly realized that learning to dance and play music gave him a better understanding of both. In 2007 he competed for the first time at the Canadian Swing Championships and has never looked back. Since then, Travis has not only completed a Bachelors Degree in Music (Classical guitar) and another in Education, but has also won multiple awards in Lindy Hop, Balboa, West Coast Swing, and many other styles from competitions such as the Canadian Swing Dance Championships, Boston Tea Party, Canadian Balboa Championships, Swing-a-dance, ILHC (Teams), and many others. Furthermore, he is a current member of the Swingin Air Force Squad, one of the most prestigious competition Lindy Hop teams in the world.

Known for being a bit of a youtube junky, Travis has combined influences from many of the top dancers in the world to create his own personal style of swing. His teaching philosophy is to encourage people to find their own style and to inspire people to be creative while still giving a strong fundamental understanding of technique. Most of all, he strives to convey the love of the dance that still motivates him to work on his dancing to this day.