Dominique Blouin

Balboa Instructor

Dominique has been teaching dance for the past 20 years. She studied and taught a number of different dances including Salsa, Flamenco, Tango, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Shag and Balboa. She is a much sought-after instructor appreciated for her attention to her students and for her understanding of movement, especially when it come to following. She has been recognized among top dancers for her sense of style and grace on the dance floor.

Dominique began competing in Balboa and has made a name for herself placing 1st in the Eastern Balboa Championships, placing 2nd at Camp Hollywood’s National Jitterbug Championships, at the Canadian Swing Championships and Lindy Focus, and 3 rd at All Balboa Weekend Showcase division. A versatile and dedicated social dancer, Dominique made a sensational entrance showing her abilities by making it into the finals of both Balboa Rendezvous and All Balboa Weekend within her first 8 months of learning the dance. In addition to competing, Dominique performed in many prestigious Theatres in Canada, USA and Europe with Mickey Fortanasce, Jeremy Otth, Joel Plys, Nathan Bugh, Mikey Pedroza, and Davis Thurber.

Dominique has taught locally and internationally in both Balboa and Lindy Hop with some of the best including Mickey Fortanasce , Marty Klempner, Bobby White, Joel Plys,Nathan Bugh and Mikey Pedroza. This diversity of partnerships made her teaching concise and gave her a vast perspective of the different techniques used today. She also organized successful events, Followlogie, the Montreal Balboa Revue and Bal Moment. She did coach the Swing Connexion Balboa team for 2 years with Mickey Fortanasce in Montreal and currently coaches the Quebec Balboa Team and teaches locally in Quebec City.