Mickey Fortanasce

Balboa Instructor

Mickey began swing dancing in Los Angeles in ’99. A year later he was teaching local swing classes at NYU. After graduating he worked with local teams in New York including Varsity Swing and Hop Swing and a Jump and later started running his weekly dance White Heat (something he’s been meaning to start up again).

With his partner Kelly Arsenault he has been dancing and competing since about 2005. During this time, their innovation and showmanship, coupled with their love of dance history and theory, have led them to become internationally recognized teachers and competitors in both Lindy Hop and Balboa. Together their winnings include repeat victories at the Balboa Redezvous for 2006, 2007 and 2010. They are 2008 ABW American Balboa Classic Champions as well as winners of the 2010 ILHC and ESDC Balboa Strictly division.

Mickey lived in Montréal for a couple of years in 2009-10. During this time he did coach the Balboa Connexion team with Swing Connexion Studio with Dominique Blouin. No wonder we bring him back every year, we’ve got a Balboa love connexion with him!

To learn more: https://www.kellyandmickey.com/