Starting with solo dances during her childhood, she discovered the dance styles of the 1950s as a teenager. It didn’t take much time before she fell in love with Rockabilly Jive. She has been part of the first group of students of our partners at JiveStudio and she also joined their first performance team. Then, over the years, Sandrine discovered many other Swing dances: The Balboa, Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and West Coast Swing. She became very versatile in no time, and to help blossom even more her passions for swing dancing, she joined two Swinging Air Force teams : SAF Westie Unit and also SAF Ballistics! Her passion for Jive was still intact, and she was really honoured to be invited in England to go teach a Rockabilly Jive workshop in England during the summer of 2011. Since then, in only a few years, Sandrine has cumulated more than 30 medals in all the dances described above, and decided to participate in the creation of an event that would allow all these dances to meet for a special week-end: Dig Tha ‘Feet! Her passion for swing dance event led her to be part of the Canadian Swing Championships (CSC) organization since 2012 while still managing Dig Tha ‘Feet! Her experience cumulates now to a record number of things for her young age… she has been instructor for JiveStudio, coach for Jive Tonic team, instructor for Swing Dance Montreal and co-organizer of the Rock N Swing dancing night, owner of Dig Tha’ Feet, CSC committee member!