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“Dance Profiling” Training with Alexandre Peducasse, professeur de Golf, Enseignant de WCS et compétiteur All-Stars.

After Toulouse (Nicolas Bourgeais), Paris (Olivier&Lena), Lyon (LFS-evidanses), French Open, Sea Sun Swing Camp, Poitiers and Milan, here we go to MONTREAL ! !

Goal :

– Define the person/ the dancer/ …

– Understand, what are your strenghts, and be able to use it with best way you can do, and exploit your potential.

Module 1 : Discover your Main Profil

The main goal is to make you discover a new approach of the movement by putting the person, so you, in the center of the attention.

As a dancer, you will be able to know your preferences in terms of body movement and space movement. You can discover and highlight your strengths and dance with more finesse and efficiency in terms of balance, power and comfort.

You will also have the opportunity to know the other profiles that exist and understand the differences between the dancers, lead and follow.

Limited to 20 people


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